Dominik – a graduate of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw in the field of construction. A member of the Techbud management team, responsible for the highest quality of cost estimates and bills of quantities in the construction segment.


Tell us about TECHBUD – how did you end up here, what has your career path looked like?

I have been associated with TECHBUD for several years. From the very beginning, the company gave the impression of a very reliable service provider on the cost estimation market. To a large extent, this is due to a skilled team that provides services of the highest quality in the shortest time possible. I came to TECHBUD immediately after graduation and became the in-house cost estimator. As the company and my career developed, I was given the opportunity to develop as a team leader, and now I am the operations director.

What do you do at the company? What are you responsible for?

At TECHBUD, I’m responsible for the broadly understood construction industry and the standards of execution of bills of quantities and cost estimates. This is what I first and foremost do, but nevertheless if there is a cost estimate that needs to be done, I go to my desk and do it. And I can say that I still got what it takes to do it well.

What gives you most joy at work and what is most challenging?

Of course what I enjoy most at work is a job well done which considering my increasing experience is increasingly often the case. Beginnings were hardest, because I had to learn a lot extremely quickly, both in terms of knowhow and skills. Theoretical knowledge in the field of cost estimation is without a doubt invaluable and absolutely necessary, but life rapidly verifies one’s rudiments and puts them to a test. The sooner one learns the practical aspects of one’s trade, the faster one can start to grow and fathom the complexities of the trade or begin to specialise in a chosen segment of the real estate market.

What are the daily challenges you and your team have to face on a daily basis? Which problems on the real estate market impact the cost estimate industry the most?

Well, due to the problems of contractors, we pay particular attention to prices on the construction market. Their problems are directly connected with the rapid pace of labour costs and material prices which have been growing for quite some time now. This increase very often was not taken due consideration when signing contracts and as a result the industry is experiencing a slight hiccup.

How is the cost estimating industry changing? Are there some distinct trends visible that might help us tell what the industry will look like in 5-10 years?

Certainly we can expect an increasing number of investments designed with the use of Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short. As in every other industry, gradual digitisation is taking place which will have a huge impact on the entire industry. On the one hand, it will be possible to shorten the time of project execution, but on the other hand, it will require us to have greater skills in controlling the data exported from the model created using the BIM tools

What is – in your view – your biggest success professionally speaking? What are you most proud of?

In general, I am proud of well-prepared cost estimates and bills of quantities that I’ve prepared and supervised. It is important to me that the work is done in accordance with the highest standards and norms. It’s like a business card of our company and its employees. A good example of a reliably executed task that was commissioned to us and which we had the enormous pleasure to prepare was the offer for the execution of a section of the second line of the Warsaw metro. My project team had a lot of responsible work to do and we valuated the part we were asked to really well. This project was a double test for me, because in addition to supervising the quality of my team’s work, my main tasks also included the division of work and keeping deadlines set in the schedule.

How is TECHBUD different from other companies operating in this industry? What is your company’s biggest advantage?

We have a strong, well-coordinated team and thanks to this we are able to offer the highest quality of cost estimation services with short delivery times. And of course all at affordable prices.

Thank you.

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