Modern complex Termy Karkonosze in the portfolio of Techbud Kosztorysy

In 2020, Techbud Kosztorysy team had the pleasure of preparing bills of quantities and cost estimates for the unique investment of Termy Karkonosze. It is a modern hotel and apartment complex surrounded by the Karkonosze Mountains.

This extraordinary investment has thus joined our portfolio of investments in the hotel industry. We are convinced that everyone vacationing in this place will agree that it was #WellCounted.

Q2Studio Architectural Studio is responsible for the hotel design.

Lower Silesian Mental Health Center for Children and Youth in Lubin

At the beginning of the new year, the first patients are planned to be admitted to the new headquarters of the Lower Silesian Mental Health Center for Children and Youth in Lubin. In 2020, as Techbud Kosztorysy, we prepared bills of quantities and cost estimates for the construction of this Highly Specialized Medical Center. We all know how much such facilities are needed in Poland, so we are even more glad that we could make a small contribution to this project. The construction of the center will last until the end of 2024.

We are sure it was # WellCounted.

Archimed Architectural Studio worked on the design of this facility

Techbud Kosztorysy once again on the podium! Looking back at the Gala of the 22nd Cost Estimate Bureau Ranking.

For the sixth time already – and moreover in a row, we found ourselves on the podium in the Ranking of Cost Estimate Bureaus – SEKOCENBUD. On 10th October 2019 during the 25th Scientific and Technical Conference in Ciechocinek, we repeated last year’s success and received the award for winning the second place in the annual ranking. On behalf of the company, the award was received by Bartosz Dąbrowski, Techbud Kosztorysy CEO.

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Bartosz Dąbrowski, Techbud Kosztorysy CEO for (

“Poland attracts investors. Both foreign and local corporations are opening up their seats in major Polish cities more and more willingly. As a result, Fit-Out services also attract more people from who are interested in adapting the space they leased to the needs of their employees,” explains Bartosz Dąbrowski, President of the Board at Techbud Kosztorysy for (

More about the significance of fit-out on the real estate market and why you should use the services of experienced cost estimate offices available here: 


The characteristics of a good cost estimate, or how to properly estimate construction costs

Commencing works on a construction site, regardless of the vision and size of the planned project, should be preceded by a series of activities aimed at optimising the subsequent process of its creation. Applying the right weight to a professionally prepared estimate is key to minimising the risk of investment shutdown at a later stage of the project, for example due to underestimating the construction costs. There are legal regulations describing in detail the requirements for cost estimates, but they only apply to the public procurement sector. Nevertheless, investors operating in every market segment should make sure they have a professionally prepared cost estimate for a building. Disregarding this aspect may seem like saving time and money at first, but in the long term it can have serious consequences for the profitability of the investment.

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Bartosz Dąbrowski, CEO at Techbud Kosztorysy for Biznes Interia

“Building Iinformation Modelling, BIM for short, stands for a lot more than just a model of a new project and its visualisation based on that mofel. In this system, each digital element of the building model is a full-fledged prototype that retains all the features and parameters of the future physical equivalent. This gives enormous possibilities at virtually every stage of planning and implementation of a construction investment. Architects, engineers or, as in our case, cost estimators can use this technology with great success,” explains Bartosz Dąbrowski, President of the Board at Techbud Kosztorysy, a company specialising in preparation of cost estimates and bills of quantities of construction projects using BIM technology.


More on how the market will change with the development of BIM and the answer to why companies from the construction industry should be interested in implementing this standard available here:

Techbud Kosztorysy Orłem Branży Budowlanej

We are proud to announce that Techbud Kosztorysy has recently joined the group of Construction Industry Eagles*! Companies from all over Poland that achieve the highest average ratings from portals with the opinions of clients are nominated to this prestigious ranking.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our distinction in this ranking by giving feedback on our work. Your satisfaction with the cost estimates and bills of quantities we prepare is the greatest honour and additional motivation for our further development!

My first project! – we’re celebrating 10 years of Techbud Kosztorysy

2018 was very busy year at Techbud, and at the same time an extremely important and successful one. It was this year that we celebrated our first jubilee, as Techbud Kosztorysy was founded exactly 10 years ago. Since then, we have been supporting architects, investors and contractors with reliable cost estimates, and the number of projects we are working on is constantly growing. Over the last decade, a lot has changed in the company: we had the opportunity to work on the largest Polish investments, many people passed through our office, we also gained invaluable experience that has allowed us to stay at the forefront of cost estimation companies on the market. However, one thing remains unchanged – people who make up Techbud Kosztorysy are our greatest asset. Therefore, taking advantage of this unique opportunity, which is our 10th anniversary, we decided to ask the company’s employees how they remember their beginnings at Techbud Kosztorysy and their first projects.

Bartosz Dąbrowski, President of the Board

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Interview with Marcin Wielechowski, Installations Director at Techbud Kosztorysy

Marcin – a graduate of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Gdańsk University of Technology. For more than a decade, he has been involved in construction and, in particular, the installation industry. A member of the Techbud management team, responsible for the highest quality of cost estimates and bills of quantities in the installation segment.


Tell us about TECHBUD – how did you end up here, what has your career path looked like?

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Gdańsk University of Technology. I became involved with the construction industry and the installation industry over 10 years ago, in fact during my studies. Before I started working at TECHBUD Kosztorysy, I gained professional experience at an installation projects office, I worked on construction sites and as a cost manager on industrial, logistics and office projects. I also had the chance to get to know the industry from up close, from the inside.

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We did it again! We placed 2nd in the 21st Ranking of Estimate Offices SEKOCENBUD!

On Thursday October 4th, during the gala finishing the second day of the 24th Science and Technology Conference in Ciechocinek, awards for the best cost estimate offices in Poland were presented. Our company, Techbud Kosztorysy, was recognised for the whole year of intensive work and awarded the second place in this prestigious ranking. This is a big success, which confirms our position at the forefront of cost estimate companies in the country. For the fifth time we took the place in the TOP 3, as in 2015 and 2014 we won the first place, and now, for the third year in a row, we’re the runner up.

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