My first project! – we’re celebrating 10 years of Techbud Kosztorysy

2018 was very busy year at Techbud, and at the same time an extremely important and successful one. It was this year that we celebrated our first jubilee, as Techbud Kosztorysy was founded exactly 10 years ago. Since then, we have been supporting architects, investors and contractors with reliable cost estimates, and the number of projects we are working on is constantly growing. Over the last decade, a lot has changed in the company: we had the opportunity to work on the largest Polish investments, many people passed through our office, we also gained invaluable experience that has allowed us to stay at the forefront of cost estimation companies on the market. However, one thing remains unchanged – people who make up Techbud Kosztorysy are our greatest asset. Therefore, taking advantage of this unique opportunity, which is our 10th anniversary, we decided to ask the company’s employees how they remember their beginnings at Techbud Kosztorysy and their first projects.

Bartosz Dąbrowski, President of the Board

I’m still relatively new at Techbud, as I’ve only been here two years. I remember my first days at the office when I started my work as a cost estimator and had to get acquainted with the broad price base of the company. If I remember correctly, the first project I had the opportunity to work on was the construction of the “Sports Centre of the Medical University of Gdańsk”. I was mainly involved in collecting offers from subcontractors, and managing upcoming offers. Staying in touch with subcontractors working on such a large investment was a real challenge, especially for one’s first project!

Daniel Czaban, Cost Estimator


Out of all of employees at Techbud Kosztorysy, I am the youngest, because only in 2 months will I celebrate my first anniversary of work at Techbud. I started working here as a student of Environmental Engineering – it was my last year of studies and I still hadn’t defended my MSc thesis. I do have Master’s degree now though. The task that awaited me in the first days of work was to prepare a bill of quantities for one of the office buildings that the company was working on at that time. However, it was only the next project, valuating the Central Institute for Labour Protection that was a real challenge for me. I was responsible for the cost estimates and bills of quantities of offices and laboratories. Independent work on this project was preceded by extensive research, as this subject was new to me and I wasn’t yet up to date with current prices of materials necessary to build laboratories!

Paulina Czmiel, Junior Cost Estimator


I joined Techbud Kosztorysy in 2015 and took over the position of a Junior Cost Estimator. My example shows how much can be learnt at a company like this and what prospects new employees have, because I am currently the Head of the Construction Team! The first task which tested my knowledge acquired at university was to prepare the bill of quantities and send inquiries about the construction of the seat of the Poviat Office in Garwolin. This investment was characterised by a very extensive project documentation – first one so extensive that I had ever come across at that time. Fortunately, thanks to the help of my more experienced colleagues, I was able to prepare reliable bills of quantities.

Kamil Pękała, Head of the Construction Team


My beginnings at the company date back to 2012, when I joined the team as a cost estimator and I was assigned to a team dealing with cost estimates in the electrical industry. It was quite a long time ago, but – as far as I remember – the first project on worked on was the construction of the Transport Centre in Legionowo and I was responsible for the cost estimates of electrical components. As you can easily guess, a very large number of teletechnical and electrical installations were present in the project, the preparation of a well-calculated estimate was, therefore, quite a challenge, but I completed it all successfully.

Dominik Szymoniak, Operational Director


In February 2013, I joined the Techbud Kosztorysy team as a cost estimate specialist responsible for sanitary installations. Therefore, the first project to which I was assigned was the cost estimation of sanitary installations and a swimming pool at a sports facility in Pruszcz Gdański. The entire infrastructure associated with the swimming pool was an extremely interesting challenge, because they are not elements which we see as cost estimators on a daily basis, as we usually working on office or residential building projects. Calculation of pool technology in itself is not a simple task and requires a very accurate and reliable research. The fulfilment of detailed investor requirements required a thorough analysis of the designed devices. It was a project that really taught me a lot. Ever since then, working on such technologically unusual projects is a challenge that I welcome and for which I really like my work.

Marcin Wielechowski, Installation Director

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