Bartosz Dąbrowski, CEO at Techbud Kosztorysy for Biznes Interia

“Building Iinformation Modelling, BIM for short, stands for a lot more than just a model of a new project and its visualisation based on that mofel. In this system, each digital element of the building model is a full-fledged prototype that retains all the features and parameters of the future physical equivalent. This gives enormous possibilities at virtually every stage of planning and implementation of a construction investment. Architects, engineers or, as in our case, cost estimators can use this technology with great success,” explains Bartosz Dąbrowski, President of the Board at Techbud Kosztorysy, a company specialising in preparation of cost estimates and bills of quantities of construction projects using BIM technology.


More on how the market will change with the development of BIM and the answer to why companies from the construction industry should be interested in implementing this standard available here:

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