Interview with Bartosz Dąbrowski, President of the Board at Techbud Kosztorysy

We meet with Bartosz Dąbrowski, President of the Board at Techbud Kosztorysy present already a decade and celebrating this year its jubilee.

Please tell us about Techbud.

Techbud was founded 10 years ago, and the core of its activity are preparations of cost estimates and bills of quantities in most segments of the Polish real estate market. Over a period of 12 months, we realise a total of about 300 projects and they concern both investments from the public and private sector: industrial buildings, public utility buildings, hospitals, as well as fit-out projects.

We are meeting on the occasion of the 24th Science and Technology Conference in Ciechocinek, where we found out the results of the 21st edition of the SEKOCENBUD Cost Estimate Offices Ranking. Techbud Kosztorysy was ranked as the 2nd best cost estimate company in the country. Can you tell us more about the ranking and what this result means for the company?

Sekocenbud is a nationwide ranking run by the Centre for Economic and Organisational Implementation PROMOCJA for over 20 years now. The first edition took place in 1998, and on October 4th we got to know the results of its 21st edition. Techbud Kosztorysy appears in it for the fifth time this year, previously we came first twice and also twice we were second. This year, we can once again enjoy the huge distinction of being ranked second in Poland. This ranking is very important to us, and the fact that the main evaluation criterion is the company’s results in the previous year confirms the professionalism of our company, its reliability and the experience of its employees. Moreover, this ranking positions our company on the Polish market as a trustworthy, responsible partner for companies in the construction industry.

How is Techbud different from other companies operating on the market?

Our biggest competitive advantage is that the company executes a lot of projects covering complete investments, that is, covering all installations and system, and analyses all the integral elements of all construction projects, and then performs their valuation. Having so many years of experience and having completed thousands of projects in every possible market segment, we are able to efficiently estimate subsequent investments, and most importantly, we do it with great accuracy. A short deadline for our services is also guaranteed by the fact that we have an extensive team of specialists, and our achievements in the Sekocenbud ranking speak for themselves.

How has the company changed over the years?

Techbud has been developing like any other small private company. We started from scratch and worked hard to get new clients. At the beginning, the projects we worked on were cost estimates and bills for investments worth up to several million zlotys, and sometimes even only on a part of a buildings. Then, buildings estimated in a comprehensively became the subject of our services, we also began to valuate increasingly large investments. We worked on such large projects as the second line of the Warsaw metro, too, or the largest office buildings in the most prestigious locations in the country, just to name a few.

What are Techbud’s biggest strengths?

This year, we celebrate our company’s 10th anniversary. Over the years, we have learnt a lot, including how to run a successful business, and our team, made up of the best specialists on the market, has grown too. People working at Techbud Kosztorysy always work with what they like best and what they do best. This specialisation of our staff allows us to avoid potential mistakes. Let me give you an example: valuating sanitary installations is radically different from the cost estimation of electrical installations – one person will not do both projects equally well, that’s why a person who valuates sanitary installation does not carry out a cost estimate of construction or architectural elements. Thanks to this, we are able to correctly cost the entire project – even the most complex design is not impossible for us. And because we work in multiple segments, we know different construction technologies used in those segments, e.g. in construction of office buildings or hospitals, which differ significantly, which makes our estimates very accurate.

Which type of clients does the company most often cooperate with?

We work with a full cross-section of companies present on the market. Among our clients, there are many investors and substitute investors, there are also general contractors, design offices and many other entities active in the industry. The services that most often ask us for are cost estimates and bills of quantities, and here I should add that we do not limit ourselves to valuation of finished projects, we work with our clients at every stage of investment, we help choose solutions or technologies, we can advise also in the field of materials. Our clients are aware that they are in good hands.

What are the company’s plans for the future? What would you like to change? How would you like your company to develop?

It’s no secret that we would like to increase the number of clients and investments. We do not want to rest on our laurels. We care about acquiring more and more ambitious and interesting projects which will help us develop, as it has been so far, such as gas or high voltage installations or investments in the fibre-optics industry. The reason for that is simple: it is such large, ambitious projects that allow us to fully use the potential of our employees. And we really like challenges.

Thank you.

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